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What we’re about

Group Purpose:
We are all on this earth as a collective, but also as one. There is so much to explore in the realm of DMT & Ayahuasca. Hearing from others will help us to all move forwards together as a unified collective.
Who should join?
This group is for those interested in breaking away from the conventional shackles of every day society. To escape the close minded, and allow ourselves to discuss freely. This group is for you if you have had the privilege to undertake a mystical experience & would like to meet like minded individuals to discuss with. It is for you even if you are yet to undertake the experience, and are simply looking for more information in the path of spirituality & personal development.
What will you do?
We will discuss the experiences that people have had. We will discuss the entities that we have met. We will discuss the meaning of all of this, the meaning of life, the precarious position mankind is in at the moment and so much more.
***Disclaimer- We have had previous incidents of people advertising substances and then scamming people for $100's. We are not provider of substances and this is not a space for facilitation of sale of any substances. Always be cautious if you are buying anything online.

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