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A meetup for the socialites who have recently arrived in Melbourne, but also for those who are not-so-new-in-town and are simply interested in making some new friends!

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Cocktails with Creatives

Each month The Australian Arts Community (http://arts.org.au) hosts a mixer event at various bars and restaurants around Melbourne. This event is a great networking and social opportunity so bring your business cards and your ideas! Members and non-members alike are welcome.

This is purely a social meetup for those interested in meeting with arts, design, and business professionals, and of course the socialites of Melbourne!

Just drinks, chat, meet and greet!

If you're interested in meeting, networking, collaborating or simply making new friends with artists, designers, business entrepreneurs, and professionals then come along to our next social gathering and take the opportunity to mix with the raw talent of Melbourne.

Talent from all fields are invited to attend, including but not limited to, dance, fashion, graphic design, interior design, makeup, modelling, photography, product design, screenwriting, network marketing, small business, and IT.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Join the Australian Arts Community at ARTS.org.au - It's free! (http://arts.org.au/register)

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CLAW Creative Studios

Drinks & Chat. Cocktails $9:50!

Insignia on Flinders Bar

Cocktails with Creatives

Beneath Driver Lane

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