What we're about

Usually meet the 2nd saturday of the month. (Check the dates of the event)

Even if you haven't yet read the book you are still welcome to join in and participate.

There's so many books out there, and such a range of interests that a part of our group mission is more about us than the books themselves.
What this means is that this is a warm-friendly book club. We are coming together to socialize, talk, forge friendships when it clicks, and become better. If the book-of-the-month is amazing then yay! All the better. If not amazing, ay least we got some time to talk and enjoy sharing our dislike.

Each month we will do a show of hands too, with thumbs up, down, or sideways to rate it together. (Cheesy, i know, but let's try it out. It could become a thing.)

If you have an amazing book you'd like to share, please bring it and we can potentially add it into our upcoming reads.

Upcoming events (1)

Good Non-Fiction Book Talk

Columbia Heights Public Library

September Book: Peak by Anders Ericsson Agenda: talk about our take on the book PEAK

Past events (6)

Drinks at LUSH & A Good Book Discussion

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