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Uncovering Dark Security & Hacking Secrets in the Mendix Platform

The theme of this Meetup is 'security', and no, not the boring security stuff. We will cover the exciting dark side of security with the following presentations: 1. Dirk van Veen, Senior Security Consultant & Partner at The S Unit, will talk about some awesome stories about how hackers look at applications and share insights of his own work. He is a penetration tester who is responsible for doing pentests at Mendix! Lot's of interesting stories there! 2. Security hero and MVP Rom van Arendonk, Architect at TimeSeries, will present the top security issues that can happen with Mendix applications. Information you need to know for sure! == Agenda📅 == 19.00: Introduction by MVP Maarten Bongers 19.05: Hacking Mendix with Dirk van Veen, Senior Security Consultant & Partner at The S-Unit 19.30: Top security issues in apps by MVP Rom van Arendonk from TimeSeries 20.00: QA and end Times are in CEST. Note this is an online event: use the zoom link to enter the meeting.

Online Meetup “Code-less” test automation for low code apps

ENGLISH SPOKEN This Meetup will introduce “code-less” test automation that is capable of matching the speed of low code development. You will see how Omnext’s analysis of low code applications removes the need for slow and complex test design, automatically capturing everything needed to generate rigorous test suites. The scans are converted automatically into easy-to-use flowchart models in Test Modeller, which auto-generates executable test scripts with matching test data. The rigorous tests are optimised to “cover” all the modelled system logic, delivering true quality at the speed of rapid system change. The result? Comprehensive quality assurance, performed within an iteration, and available using the skillset of “citizen developers”. Sound too good to be true? Sign up at https://my.demio.com/ref/d9rgxlQ3iwBkqFKF and discover how you can deliver quality at the speed of low code development! This meetup will be hosted by James Walker and Sjoerd van der Maaden: James Walker Director of Technology at Curiosity Software James Walker is Director of Technology at Curiosity Software and brings years of experience in successful software delivery. James has collaborated closely with a range of organizations to identify and resolve their QA needs, and has invented several success Model-Based Testing technologies. James’ wealth of expertise will be on offer during the webinar, including a live Q&A to help you to identify the best model-based testing strategy for your organization. Sjoerd van der Maaden Founder Specialisterren Sjoerd van der Maaden is an experienced leader of innovative IT companies. Since 2008 he is involved as founder and general manager, with Specialisterren. Specialisterren is an IT service provider in the field of test services where people with autism perform the software testing. With over ten years of experience, Specialisterren offers high-quality automated testing of complex online environments in the finance, retail and E-health sectors. Register via this link: https://my.demio.com/ref/d9rgxlQ3iwBkqFKF

Apply for a Passport from your own Sofa in the Municipality of Rotterdam

How awesome would it be if you can apply for a passport or driver’s license from home, without the need to go to your local town hall? Or what if you could do the same when you want to register a birth? In the municipality or Rotterdam this became reality by using Mendix together with DigiD, videoconferencing from WeSeeDo and payment solutions. During this Meetup we would like to tell our story on how this application has been developed from home completely. Due to the world we are living in today, the importance of this application increased exponentially in the beginning of this year. Bjorn will tell us how the Digital Counter is really helping the municipality and its inhabitants. Marick will demonstrate the application and give you a deep dive on how they used WeSeeDo and DigiD to deliver a seamless, personal and secure experience. After this presentation you will have a better understanding on how different technologies can create a consumer grade application and which challenges you might face when running such project. == Register == Be sure to register via the Zoom link that can be found to your right under "Online event". The link will be added as soon as the Meetup details will be clear. == Agenda == • “How the Digital Counter is Helping the Municipality of Rotterdam” by Bjorn Dirkse, Process Manager Innovation at the Municipality of Rotterdam a.k.a. Project Manager Video Calling with Rotterdammers • “App Demo Followed by DigiD and Videoconferencing Integrated with Mendix” by Marick Hoeijenbos, Consultant at Mansystems ----- The Mendix Community Meetups are aimed at knowledge sharing, learning something new, and meeting other people in the community. Interested in presenting at a Mendix Community Meetup? Contact Jan de Vries for details at jan.de.vries at mendix.com.

Dealing with Complexity Using Process Queues and Microservices

EGALiT is specialized in building Mendix solutions for complex business challenges. In this meetup we will give you some examples of how we deal with complexity == Agenda 📅 == 18:00 Dinner🍕 19:00 Presentations👨‍🏫 Part 1 Realizing loosely coupled microservices with hybrid data ownership and caching. The advantage of a microservice is only fully utilized if it can work autonomously in a distributed landscape. This imposes requirements on the availability of data. This meetup presentation introduces 'hybrid data ownership' in combination with cached data as a possible solution. Part 2 How to use a process queue for optimal performance This meetup uses the MyHU application to explore and present our findings on using a process queue to maintain application performance when there are over 30,000 daily users who require data from 11 different sources 20:30 Drinks & Networking 🍺 ----- The Mendix Community Meetups are aimed at knowledge sharing, learning something new, and meeting other people in the community. Interested in presenting at a Mendix Community Meetup? Contact Jan de Vries for details at jan.de.vries at mendix.com. Notice of Video and Photos 📷 We would like to draw your attention to the fact that photo and/or video recordings are made during this meetup session. These photo and video recordings may be used by Mendix for social media purposes. If you like to be excluded from these recordings, we ask you to wear a colored lanyard. These are available at the registration of any meetup event.

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