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Do you feel tired, worn out or need extra support to stay in your marriage with a mental health or addiction challenge in the relationship? If so, then this support group is for you.

Mental Health Strong brings hope, resources and support to those spouses who are in the caregiver type role walking alongside their partner with a mental health or addiction challenge.

Created by Erin Ramachandran, who has walked alongside her spouse, Keith for over 15 years as they battle OCD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, hoarding, a panic disorder and sometimes suicidal thoughts that he manages everyday. She is looking for others who are in similar marriages. This is the first group of its kind and looking to learn, adjust and build the community together with others. The focus is on what you can do to grow, work towards what keeps the marriage healthy and apply evidence-based resources to support you on the journey as well as hope from the Bible despite the mental health or addiction challenge in the relationship. It is possible to have a thriving relationship!!! Find hope from others doing this journey too.

This support group will leverage the award-winning book, Mental Health Strong and the principles within the book offering faith-based, practical tips and real-life examples in eight easy steps.

Let’s be Mental Health Strong together!

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