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We are Southern California Mental Health Professionals (SCMHP). We are a loose knit group of Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), MSWs, clinical social workers (CSWs), psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, doctors/physicians, and/or students thereof that, by the nature of our work (or studies), we come face-to-face with people's struggles and challenges. Much more than prescription or advice, we give support and comfort, understanding and attention.

The Southern California Mental Health Professionals offers no classes for CEUs. Ours is an opportunity to network and to share experiences, tips, tricks, possibly referrals, in a social and friendly environment amongst colleagues.

Come, be a part of the Southern California Mental Health Professionals!

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Pasadena: FREE Introductory Class on Natural Vision Improvement

Hastings Branch Library

(This Meetup is cross posted on several other group calendars. There are more RSVPs than show here.) Class in the Pasadena! Come join us for the FREE Introductory Class on Natural Vision Improvement. This class will cover the following: ° How your mind affects your vision. °How to get your eyesight back to normal without glasses, contacts or surgery. ° The unconscious mental and physical habits that affect your eyesight negatively. (What not to do.) ° The mental and physical habits of normal sight. (What to do.) ° Learn how to improve your eyesight right in the class. Many attendees experience a significant change in their eyesight during the demonstration. ° Learn how to KEEP your clear, normal eyesight throughout your life. (To watch the video, cut and paste the link to your web browser). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqrauyLA43U Come learn how you can get your eyesight back to normal without glasses, contacts or surgery. ° Works if you are nearsighted (Myopia) ° Works if you use reading glasses. ° Works regardless of your age. ° Works if you've had problems after Lasik.*** ° Works great for kids! ° Learn how to keep your normal eyesight for your whole life, before you begin to use glasses, contacts or have surgery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** What people are saying after attending the class: *** "Hello Carlos ... "Joy Russell here. I attended your seminar at the Oasis Family Clinic a couple of weeks ago (fall 2017). I came up to you afterwards to talk about the scar in my left eye." "I wanted to let you know that I'm very excited about the possibility of being able to see naturally and have been working on it. When I came home that night I tested my eyes on the card you handed out. I could see the bottom line "ALL DAY LONG" 6.5" from my nose. I'm nearsighted - very much so. I've stopped wearing my glasses (except when necessary) - which is weird - been 'shifting' & 'palming' + trying to relax. I LOVE the concept of REST! I'm now able to see 'ALL DAY LONG" from about 11" out ... Pretty amazing." "Thank you for last night's class. It was very interesting and I noticed that my vision was clearer on the drive home!" Terri B. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Packets will be prepared for those that RSVP. *** Wear your glasses instead of contact lenses for this class if you have some. We'll have you practice some of the habits of normal vision free from any lenses. *** ***Parking: FREE, in the lot and in the street. Check street signs for parking restrictions! There will be more people attending than show up on this group calendar, so make sure to RSVP if you want to attend. Looking forward to helping you with YOUR eyesight at the class! ------------------------------------ This class will be given by Carlos Moreno of CenteredVision.com. Like many of you, he wore glasses and contact lenses for many years. By learning and using methods he'll cover in this class, he doesn't use any corrective lenses anymore at all. Want to learn how? Come to the class to find out! : ) He's been teaching people like you to improve their eyesight and see clearly without glasses, contacts or surgery for over 21 years.

Monthly Book Event Meetup

Corner Bakery Cafe

Our April reading selection is Michele Weiner Davis The Divorce Remedy.

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