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What we’re about

If you want this group to be active, please support me - drop a comment or a HI in the discussion / message me - I've paid to keep the group open - need to hear from you.
I'm happy to run some free mental health Zoom and maybe face-to-face sessions.
If people are supportive / get involved, I'll organise more activities too.

Hi all
I'm Glen. I've just taken over the group as organiser, to stop it from closing.
I'm planning to arrange some zoom meets, and maybe combine some events from my other group (Saturday evening meals, Sunday walks maybe) with this one.
Please message / add comments and ideas in the discussion page, or contact me directly. I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and RTT therapist, and work with clients to get fast results (most - even major - issues resolved within 30 days)

Previous Organiser's message:
Ok so I've decided to change this group into something I am more interested in doing with it.
this group will be for anybody who is struggling with their mental health and feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, panic attacks and many other conditions! This group is hopefully gonna be a group that can get together and discuss our thoughts and difficulties we are experiencing and support each other through them, hopefully making friends In the process! Meetup places and ideas will probably be random like coffee events,
Meals, walks or whatever we fancy doing and think is a good space to do it in, cheers guys :)