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What we’re about

Welcome to Mentell, join a group of like-minded men (18+) who come together every Monday evening (7-9 pm) over Zoom to talk, listen and connect. We keep things simple; it's non-clinical and completely confidential - there is no pressure to speak, but if you chose to do so everything is heard in non-judgment and free from advice.

What to expect
Some men come for a reason others for a season the odd few stay for a lifetime, we allow each member to share freely and offer supportive questions (if given permission). There is no hierarchy, but to help the flow of the conversations, we appoint a circle facilitator and do our best to keep the group sizes down to 10-12 men.

Every circle is a unique experience; we have a saying that you come to either 'lighten the load' (offload the burdens of life) or 'top the cup up' (celebrate the personal success) use the circle in whatever way works best for you.

Who is this group for?
Any man (18+) is welcome, no matter what background, race, religion or sexual preference you identify with. All we ask is you leave your 'mask' at the door and make a conscious choice to make a positive change in your life ( whatever that might mean for you) <br> <br>Cost & Entry <br>There is no cost associated with joining your online circle, all we ask is you signup online so we can send you the zoom link and welcome info, to do so, please go to

Supporting Resources - Man with the bag video

Supporting Resources - How an online circle works video