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What we’re about

The META-Health group meets to learn about and discuss the applications of META-Health (an advanced mind-body diagnostic and self healing system) toward, personal transformation and consciousness & personal development.

The Group leaders are Senior Master Trainers and leading developers of META-Health Methods in the world What is META-Health? META-Health is the art, science and practice of the latest science in Body-Mind-Social Health integrated with spiritual development with a focus on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs create organ symptoms.

META-Health is based on Bio-psycho-social Medicine and Prevention and is practiced by health professionals and individuals interested in a precise and effective Body-Mind-Social diagnosis, therapy and self healing. META-Health Professionals come from all backgrounds including doctors, Naturopaths, psychotherapists, nurses, Complimentary therapists, counsellors, Life Coaches and Many Alternative health care providers. META-Health is about the interconnectedness of Body-Mind-Social and the Art of Self-Healing.

To be META-Healthy means you are aware of your body’s natural intelligence and programming, your stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your organ symptoms and you take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth. META-Healing or to META-Heal yourself is the multi-dimensional transformation process you will go through to achieve Body-Mind-Social or META-Health.

Why META-Health? META-Health looks at the big picture (meta point of view) of illness, health and personal development it provides you with answers to the most important questions you might have:

Why am I sick or stressed?
What has triggered my symptoms (mental, emotional physiological or behaviourial)?
Which specific stress and emotions affect my symptoms?
Which specific belief and thought patterns do I need to review?
What can I do to heal naturally?
Which treatments work best for my type of illness?
Do lifestyle changes help me heal myself?