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We are an active community of spiritual explorers who are interested in developing our spiritual gifts and exploring all things mystical and metaphysical! Whether you've been developing your skills for years or are just starting on your spiritual journey, this is a lovely group to help you connect with your own innate divinity and start living your best life now!

Enchanted Forest Spiritual Center is located at 2280 S JONES, Las Vegas NV 89146

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Dragons are a symbol of primordial power. They are masters of all elements; fire, water, air, earth and aether. Dragons have existed throughout all cultures, and these powerful creatures can appear to you as spirit guides offering you wisdom, transmutation and alchemy.

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iDIY Aromatherapy Bracelets & Essential Oils to Balance Chakras- with Natalie

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Cost $20

Join Wellness Advocate and Essential Oil Educator, Natalie Carson as we explore the power of essential oils, aromatherapy & balancing chakras! All will make their own unique aromatherapy bracelets!

In this hands on 90 minute class using different gemstones, lava beads and wooden beads of your choice all will make a personalized aromatherapy bracelet. Essential oils raise frequencies, ground, calm and help balance emotions too. Adding them to your aromatherapy bracelet will support emotions throughout your day.

You will also learn:

~The connection between heart, brain, gut and how they impact our mood

~3 ways to use essential oils to promote physical and emotional well being

~How to quickly balance emotions naturally

~How to use essential oils & gemstones to balance chakras

~How to set positive intentions

~4 square breathing technique

All class materials will also be provided.

We are created to function as a whole. Our Spirit, Body and Mind all need to be nourished to balance emotions and overall health.

The tools you take from this class will enhance your well being.

Body Image Group Repatterning on Zoom

Online event



us for this Resonance Repatterning Group Session to release and shift resonance with beliefs and attitudes that keep you judging and finding fault with your body. What would it feel like to appreciate your body for all it does for you? Group Repatterning is on Zoom, text[masked] after you have registered for log in information. Individual sessions are Body Image Group Repatterning on Zoom

also available by appointment.


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Like all forms of divination, tea leaf reading -also called tasseography or tasseomancy is based on the concept of directing energy. Whilst drinking- a person's movements affect the leaves swirling around and once they settle the shapes and patterns reveal unique messages for each person.

Internal power sturggles, past revelations, future life paths etc.

Come sit around a traditional Eastern European tea maker, called a samovar, drink, learn and see if it's your cup of tea!!

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Numerology 102- Soul numbers, Destiny Numbers, Outer personalities,

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