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What we're about

Our Vision:
To witness the members of this group becoming fully alive and awakened, through their realization of

integrated Spiritual Living Principles, Metaphysical Understanding, and Psychic or Intuitive Abilities,

bringing Heaven to Earth.

Our Mission Statement:
To provide a facilitated and self directed nurturing forum, both online and in group gatherings for

exploring how to generate positive energy through: honoring TRUTH principles, practicing holistic self-healing.

manifesting prosperity, and developing intuitive gifts. (specific topics, techniques, tools and approaches to be chosen in collaboration within the membership and facilitation team)

I am Amy Howard, and I would like to introduce myself and my co-facilitators to you and tell you a bit about us here:

Amy Howard:


Licensed Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister , SCIO Biofeedback Practitioner, Square One Holistic Cancer Coach, currently studying to be a “Life Lessons” Coach with Dr. Mark Tong.


Bringing *Healing *Oneness & *Knowledge to others, through applying various modalities, teachings and coaching. (See more at

What Amy wants you to know:

I am dedicated and committed to teaching and empowering those who want to learn, grow and live metaphysically.

What other people say about Amy:

“I'm very grateful to Amy for the time we worked together. There's no doubt in my mind it has had a positive effect on me. Old patterns and ways of thinking that did not serve me are less deeply entrenched, less able to slow me down. I'm moving forward, despite dramatic changes in my life. Amy is clearly sincere about her work. She will stretch your thinking, give you homework, and lots of encouragement. I know it's okay to ask for help when I get stuck, and Amy is wise, sincere and real. I'm glad our paths crossed; she's held up a lantern and showed me the way when the path was getting murky.” - Jeff in Florida

What you wish to bring to Living Metaphysical:

Organizational skills, Networking Contacts, and ability to teach Spiritual Principles and Facilitate Healing Modalities.

Kristin Geeslin:


Masters Degree in Human Resource Development, Barry University, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Eckerd College


Workforce Development, PREP Relationship Education, Voyager Tarot, and ThetaHealing


Catalyzing change as well as sharing stable energy in times of individual or organizational transition. Integrating empirical and spiritual understanding with practical wisdom. Empowering others in shifting perception or taking action to improve their own quality of life and the quality of life of other folks. (Intuitive: Consulting, Training & Coaching )

What Kristin wants you to know:

I care deeply about our beloved planet and all of the living inhabitants of it. I am a seasoned “helper”, teacher, trainer coach and practitioner. I am a gifted Intuitive and support others in life changing belief shifts. I am committed to my own personal and professional development as well as yours! My spiritual journey honors all paths of higher consciousness, 12 steps programs, Unity/New Thought and Tibetan Buddhism are the ones with which I am most familiar.

What other people say about Kristin:

“There is not a doubt in my mind that Kristin has a special gift for reaching people and helping them find their unique purpose. You can't help but instantly be comfortable with Kristin and then feel she wants to help you reach your best self. She guides you through a process of self reflection and helps clarify your path for the future, at times almost feeling that she has a personal view of the rest of your journey. Even if you are a non-believer, as I was, I encourage you to experience Kristin's process and quickly discover you are better for having met her.”

Amanda Langseder - Yankee Lake, NY

What you wish to bring to Living Metaphysical:

Group Organization: Offer Adult Ed. group facilitation understanding, marketing outreach, community liaison.

Program Content: Mindfulness, Energetic Boundaries, Symbols, Signs & Intuitive Understanding

Luis,” Donal”


Engineer, Intuitive Consultant, Life and Business Coach, Lecturer. Over 15 years as a Metaphysical practitioner, including five years co-managing a metaphysical center.


Lectures and Chats: What is Metaphysics, New perspectives on Spirituality, Vibrational Dynamics, Managing Transformation and Change, Our Innate Power to Heal, I Am Affirmations, Metaphors to Live By, New Foundations in Human Relations, The Hidden Laws of the Universe . Intuitive Counseling

What Luis wants you to know:

I will help you find Peace in your life. Life is about mastering Love and realizing we own our peace as we become the authority of our life path. To do that open your heart, for to feel Loved you must be Love and to know peace you must leave conflict as a way of being. If you allow it, Love is the healer and the life giver. Your job is to know Love, to be it, accept it, and infuse loving compassion into every action and interaction. Know what Love is not. Know selfishness and narcissism are not Love, nor is it anger, fear or hate. Work on that and you have a Life well lived. II can help you with new perspectives, tools, and vibrational realignments.

What other people say about Luis:

“ I think to hear the truth .. which you absolutely told me, was a big shock. I started having anxiety attacks and a hard time sleeping, but I did what you recommended and in a few days I started to believe things would work out as I took the steps suggested. Two weeks later I saw some major shifts. Using the new perspective you gave me on my my company and work team, I saw myself becoming much more positive and my team responding in kind. You were right it was all ego and money to them. Next big change came on Mother's day. Having done religiously the forgiveness assignments you suggested, I was feeling much better although resigned it could take forever to start reconciling with my daughter. Remember She had not contacted me for several years and it was you who told me why. So to receive a Mothers Day text message from her saying., “” … I can't call because I am overseas, but I am sending you SO much love!”” was pure joy. Since we have talked and are moving closer. I thank you so much for opening me to my truths.” Ellary Simms -- May 30, 2018, New Mexico.

What you wish to bring to Living Metaphysical:

Organizational skills, networking contacts, presentation skills, and ability to present spiritual principles and facilitate healing modalities.

Sharon Kistler


Certified Journey Life Coach, CJLC, CCA - ICF Nationally Accredited, (14 years) Certified AAMET- EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, and trainer, NLP, Certificate Social Psychology Wesleyan University


Empower Life Coaching, Teaching others Self-Empowerment, Emotional Healing Practitioner, Holistic modalities, EFT "Transformational Tapping", she works in Healing Traumas, Stress, Addictive Mind-Sets, Finding Your Calm, Personal and Spiritual development.

What sharon would like you to know:

I am dedicated to Empower others, with Holistic practices, “Transformational Healing”, I Believe in Energy Healing, I love to Live in the Vortex in Embracing Metaphysics, and Life Design Spiritual Paths to discover our power and truth within, I am also an Intuitive Reader.

What other people say about Sharon:

“I met Sharon at her Amazing Woman Group, and loved the “Positive Living” High Vibes. On a personal note working with her on my emotional healing and her life Coaching, I felt that even my own personal concerns and weights from burdens in my own life finally cleared by this greater understanding and Transformational Tapping sessions... It was truly profound.She no-doubt has a unique gift of insightful intuition that could zero in on where I was stuck. I realized working with her, I was absolutely transformed. I’m so Grateful to know you!”

Warmest regards,

Christi H.

What you wish to bring to Living Metaphysical:

Offering Tips and Tools to Self-Empower, Self-Healing, Transformational Tapping EFT, Holistic modalities, Soul growth, Expanding Consciousness. Nurturing community to Share together!

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