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Hello to all our new members!

We are an informal discussion group interested in all things in the evolution of consciousness, quantum physics, epigenetics and more.

**This year we will be diving into a deep exploration of the field of epigenetics. This comes from established scientific research on how our beliefs and perceptions change our chemistry which creates an attractant for our environment and our lives. This is one series of discussions and practices you don’t want to miss!


*We added the topic of Conscious Evolution to our group several years ago, which speaks to an awakened perception within consciousness that is occurring across the planet and within the universe. We are moving into a paradigm shift of consciousness itself - one of personal empowerment within a unity of oneness.

We understand that individually and collectively as new humans, we are the leading edge of the universe......and how we think and act is far more significant than we previously realized. * It is time to release the past conditioning of our species and choose the direction of our evolution..

We will be presenting books on these topics in the coming year to explore and discuss provocative insights into many new states of consciousness together. We will have discussions, presentations and experiential exercises as well!


We warmly welcome all our new members...

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