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We are an informal discussion group interested in all things in the evolution of consciousness, quantum physics, epigenetics and more.

**This year we will be diving into a deep exploration of the field of epigenetics. This comes from established scientific research on how our beliefs and perceptions change our chemistry which creates an attractant for our environment and our lives. This is one series of discussions and practices you don’t want to miss!


*We added the topic of Conscious Evolution to our group several years ago, which speaks to an awakened perception within consciousness that is occurring across the planet and within the universe. We are moving into a paradigm shift of consciousness itself - one of personal empowerment within a unity of oneness.

We understand that individually and collectively as new humans, we are the leading edge of the universe......and how we think and act is far more significant than we previously realized. * It is time to release the past conditioning of our species and choose the direction of our evolution..

We will be presenting books on these topics in the coming year to explore and discuss provocative insights into many new states of consciousness together. We will have discussions, presentations and experiential exercises as well!


We warmly welcome all our new members...

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After decades of fulfilling work in the fields of psychic, mediumship, channeling and personal spiritual mentoring, I have been guided even further into expanding consciousness practices. Since publishing two books on conscious evolution, I’ve continued my private channeling practice with a teacher from Arthur Findley over the last couple of years, continued channeling "the evolutionary impulse" and spent the past year channeling the “New Human” with the iconic Barbara Marx Hubbard.

I’ve progressed through a number of major life transformations as well, including a move to the Chesapeake Bay where I meditate by the water’s edge and communicate with the bald-eagles, blue herons and tundra swans, and have been immersing in energy medicine and other spiritual practices in the WE-space of unity consciousness with global groups. One of my practices is walking barefoot in the grass and as I walk along I often recall so many fond memories of all the explorations that we made over all the years in our meetups and the portals that were opened, leading us all to 2019.

Though you and I practiced in circles and teleclasses for a couple of decades and more than 75 different psychic topics, I've gained a wealth of even more training, insights, and inter-dimensional connections. And wow, have the messages changed since we all began here in this meetup a dozen years ago!

A new paradigm of consciousness is on the horizon. One that both supports and empowers every individual with their own personal connection.

My vibration is higher than it's ever been. I have even greater access to the universal inner authority. Deeper guidance is what channeled the books I wrote in recent years - the messages from Evolve Your Life are coming in fast and furiously. I have learned more modalities and am ready to share it all with you....including channeling of the universal impulse itself, and wisdom from our collective DNA.

Contact me below and let's talk about what I can do for you!

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http://www.sheilacash.com (http://www.sheilacash.com/)

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*Twitter: @sheilacash

*LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sheila-cash/8/592/b5

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11/3 ~ Introduction to Shamanic Journeying


*Introduction to Shamanic Journeying* November 3 ---- 1pm - 3pm $33 Join us as we embark on an experiential journey to learn the basics of shamanism. Through shamanic journeying, practitioners can communicate with their spirit guides, spirit animals, ancestors and other helping allies in order to obtain guidance and healing for themselves and others. This workshop begins with a brief discussion on the basics and the practice of the shamanic journey. The journey will be driven by facilitated drumming in order to help you enter an altered state of consciousness, and to travel to the lower world in a safe and supportive environment. After the journey, we will share our perceptions and experiences with the group for additional learning and support. The goal of this workshop is to meet your spirit animal, also called power animal, which is believed to be a spirit guide that has been with you since you were born. You will also go home with the tools you need in order to continue to practice on your own. This workshop is for you if: * You’ve never done a shamanic journey but you’re curious and you would like to learn what it’s about and how to do it in a safe and supportive environment. * You have journeyed before, but you would like to get more practice in a group setting. Note: This workshop is not for you if you are sensitive to loud sounds, as there will be continuous drumming as part of the workshop. What to bring: - A mat, blanket and/or pillow if you prefer to meditate lying on the floor. There will be comfortable chairs if you prefer to meditate sitting up. Eye curtain or mask if you prefer to meditate in the dark. Water and a small snack to help you ground after the journey. RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/metaphysics-174/ To reserve your seat - send $33 to PayPal at: https://paypal.me/sheilaGcash About the facilitator: Carla Natalia is an experienced shamanic journeyer and mentor. Carla has been studying shamanism for over three years, and in 2017 she graduated from Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism. Carla is currently a Teacher Assistant at Axis Mundi Shamanic Studies. Carla also studied psychic mediumship with Sheila Cash for three years and has been reading with different divination tools informally and professionally for over 15 years. For more information about Carla, visit https://78doors.com

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