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Spiritual Energy Healing
Join us in giving and/or receiving spiritual healing energy at Carmel Temple, which has a large, beautiful sanctuary where we meet, and a lovely spiritual atmosphere. Carmel Temple is a new age/new thought church that welcomes energy healers. Instead of a set fee, they ask for a donation from the heart, of whatever amount you feel is appropriate. If you are interested in learning to do spiritual healing, this is a great group to learn with, led by accomplished healer, Juan F. Castro. If you are a healer or healing student, this is a great group to practice with. If you need a healing, or would like to receive a spiritual cleansing, come experience the energy. After an opening circle, healers and healees pair up and healing is done in silence for 10 or 15 minutes. Then we share experiences. There are usually three healing rounds (depending on the size of the group) before the closing circle. Feel free to arrive at any time and leave whenever you need to. You are also welcome to come and meditate in the healing atmosphere. If you arrive early, you may wish to walk the labyrinth across the street, or you may want to talk with others, ask questions, or simply relax before the Meetup. If enough people are interested, we will go for coffee afterward. For more info on Houston Energy Healers, see White Cranes Organizer, Houston Energy Healers

Carmel Temple

1208 Pennsylvania Street · South Houston, TX