Astrology Study and Practice - WHAT HAPPENED? Government Shutdown. Whoa!

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Astrology LEARNING, Study, and PRACTICE
WTF!!! What Happened?? Government Shutdown predicted in Astrology.

March 17, 2019. 1-3:30pm

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Let's look at the handwriting on the wall! The longest shutdown in the history of our country is clearly shown in the planets. The heavy hitters Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune all colluded in this historic and difficult event. Why? Does this mean all the chaos in the world is pre-ordained? I think not but it would have been difficult for unenlightened minds to turn the tide from the "dark side" of the Force and use these energies differently.

These same planetary configurations are in your personal chart, too. Let's look at them and discover how your life is handling this atomic bomb energy. How can you turn it to your advantage instead of being mowed under by the freight train?​

By now, these energies have changed and the planets have moved on. How did that change the tide in government and in your personal life?


IMPORTANT: If you are an astrologer or a student of astrology, you are welcome to join us. If you want to join but know nothing of astrology, you might consider my home Study Course - thorough, affordable, personal.
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DON'T HAVE A CHART to bring to class? Email [masked] me with your birth time, place, and date so I can set up your chart and have it ready to go when you come to class. The closer you can get to the exact time, the better. But even if you can't get your birth time, there is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and guidance you can read in your chart.


Anita learned astrology as a child and has continued her studies and research for over 40 years. Anita is the author of various articles on astrology and is the former astrologer for KFROG radio. She was the astrologer for until taking over the editor's position. She has lectured on radio, television, and AOL on a wide variety of astrological topics.

Anita has taught and lectured on Astrology throughout the world including, England, Egypt, Greece, France, and Amsterdam, and currently teaches and lectures privately, and in spiritually-minded establishments and organizations. - for my Astrology Blog