Homemade Almond Milk - Creamy and Delicious

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I never liked Almond Milk until I tasted homemade. WOW! Amazing! Rich and creamy, flavorful, and healthy to boot! However, I resisted making it because: 1) Almonds are expensive; 2) I thought it must be difficult; 3) I believed it had to take special equipment.


It's affordable and easy-peasy to make. Only 1 cup of almonds makes a quart of almond milk. That means that homemade is also less expensive than buying the commercial brands that are more watery and full of additives.

And, if you use an instant pot to soak the almonds, it takes even less time. The flavor of homemade almond milk is mind-blowing. I like vanilla, but you can have plain, chocolate, chai, coffee, butterscotch, strawberry, or any tasty goodness you want.

Come to this fun workshop and let's have fun making almond milk. Everyone will get some to take home!