Searching Within-- MESSAGES from Johar and Simon - Channeled Through Anita Burns

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29351 Quaking Aspen

29351 Quaking Aspen · Menifee, CA

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This is a private Residence in a gated community. Give your name at the gate and let the guard know you are there to see Tina Foran.

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Messages of Light, Truth, Guidance, and Wisdom - Channelled through Deep Trance Channel, Anita Burns

To Prepay: Call[masked]


Anita Burns, a complete trance channel, brings astonishing messages of clarity from Light Beings Johar & Simon.

Receive PERSONAL MESSAGES and experience how you can use the powers of the Moon-in-Pisces to release obstacles, ease challenges, see the road clearly.

Johar and Simon speak with you—and perhaps Archangel Raphael, or your personal guides will come through as well and answer your questions, bring you guidance, inspiration, and wisdom.

Watch a video of Anita Channeling (Yes. I know my hair is a different color now. LOL)

Johar and Simon are infinite, ancient beings of wisdom. They always speak truth, and have a powerful presence that is felt in profound ways.

With humor and compassion, they throw open the curtain between the worlds and invite you into the wisdom of the universe.

Words to Ponder - from Johar and Simon
You are HEART.
Johar and Simon through Anita Burns

You are Heart. We do not speak of the organ in your physical body that pumps life-giving blood through you. We speak of your true, eternal Self that can only feel love, joy, and compassion, and has profound clarity and dynamic peace.

You pray for guidance. You pray, petition, meditate, treat, beg guides, angels, the gods, and such for peace, health, wealth, deliverance from physical and emotional pain. You pray, petition, meditate, and treat to bring healing, rescue, resolution, peace, and such to the world and to others. To whom do you entreat, pray, and beg? YOU are a part of the source. The guides, gods, angels, your “team,” ancient saints, and more are not separate from the true YOU.

The separation is illusion. Because you were never taught, in normal society and religion, that you are not a “sinner,” but a stream of the divine as a whole. When you chose to start your journey through physical matter to awaken your divine self-awareness, you forgot and became entangled in the personality self, the limited, mortal self that is born, lives, and dies.

My beautiful sparks of divine, your body, your mind/brain, your personality, your very existence in a physical form is temporary. It is a drama that plays out again and again and again in various forms until you awaken to your TRUTH. YOU ARE DIVINE, SPOTLESS, ETERNAL, ATMA. Atma—manifested consciousness.

Physical life is both true and an illusion. Yes, you did have a delicious breakfast. Yes, you did something foolish and felt frightened. Yes, the ones you love are truly loved. Yes, you achieved hard-won goals. All this is true. Your anger, embarrassment, jealousy, fear, insecurities, and such are all tools for coping with physical life and surviving. All living things have a desire to survive. The soul cares nothing about survival. It knows you are eternal. It knows you are waking up to that truth and has infinite patience with your impatience.

But all this is also an illusion. It is an illusion that you are only the personality and body you currently inhabit. It is an illusion that all is ended at death. Your Shakespeare was right, “All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players….”

Play your part well, live in compassion, love, heart, joy. Be the best you can be. Live, Love, Laugh, Play, and be at Peace with who you truly are. And let go of anything that does not nourish and cherish you.

Namaste, Prema Swarupa (embodiments of love).

"I watched you channel Johar and Simon and enjoyed it are as inspiring as Esther Hicks.....I too someday hope to channel in the same fashion. Once again thank you kindly. -- Love and blessings Jennifer"