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Our kickboxing classes are great for anyone from teenagers to seniors and consist of stretching, punching and kicking combinations, bag work, as well as core work and various strengthening exercises, all set to energizing music. It's a great calorie-burning workout for anyone looking to improve their flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength, plus it's a lot of fun! This class is for all fitness levels. Modifications and half-speed variations are demonstrated throughout the class so that participants can work their way up. Whether you can currently kick to the knee or to the head, you will feel empowered as our certified instructor teaches you how to correctly and effectively perform a variety of punches and kicks so that you will have the confidence to defend yourself while getting a great workout at the same time!

Participants usually wear a t-shirt, shorts or yoga pants, and sneakers. Wrist wraps and/or bag gloves are recommended for the bag work portion of the class. Bring a water bottle and a towel!

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