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What we’re about

Biohackers are a subculture driven by a pioneering spirit. We want to liberate ourselves from the limitations of nature, age, and disease.

Biohacking doesn't have to be expensive or loaded with supplements or gadgets. Two solid biohacks are to try new things and be more social.

This group does both!

Some of us are here because we have overcome incredible obstacles with our health. Some of us are are improving our health because we are watching our elders age poorly, and we want more for ourselves. Some of us are motivated to achieve high success in all we do, and we need more energy than most people to achieve our goals.

Biohacking techniques meet us where we are. We all need to sleep well, though our reasons vary.

A power lifter may gain insights from a person who crawled back from chronic fatigue, and vice versa.

This is a social group, not a support group. Most of our events will take place at times and places that support intermittent fasting, clean eating, and a healthy circadian rhythm.