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This virtual group is for all database professionals who work on the Microsoft Data Platforms, most notably SQL Server, and are interested in the aspects of business continuity, high availability, and disaster recovery, that are essential skills for database professionals to ensure the livelihood of their business if the inevitable issue occurs.

Check out the recordings at our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSby7JTCxKy_B5H-yLG890Q

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John Morehouse - Saving Yourself with Accelerated Database Recovery

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John Morehouse is presenting for our group this month!

We have all heard the stories. Horror story after horror story being regaled from database administrators all over the world of waiting for hours or sometimes days for a rollback operation to complete. DBA's hoping beyond hope that the rollback finishes soon before someone else gets the notion to reboot the server.

Thankfully, with the release of SQL Server 2019, comes the one feature that will save us all from hearing about future horror stories. Accelerated Database Recovery or also known as "ADR". This great enhancement in SQL Server, which changes the way that we view transaction rollback, will undoubtedly prove invaluable in your arsenals of tricks!

Buckle up. We're gonna go deep into the guts of ADR in this session.

You are -
• A total nerd to who likes to know how things work
• Are not afraid to dive deeper into the internals of SQL Server
• Are not afraid of tools like profiler, extended events, or debugger tools

You will learn -
• How to enable it
• What the components are
• How ADR works under the hood
• When you wouldn't want to implement it

Don't be the protagonist in a rollback horror story! Learn ADR and save the day! After all, the time you save might be your own!

Storage Options for building a SQL Server FCI in Azure with Dave Bermingham

Our speaker this month is Dave Bermingham from SIOS!

Wanting to deploy a SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (FCI) in Azure? You'll need to get yourself some shared storage. Your options include: Azure Shared Disk, Azure Premium Files and third party cluster storage class resources.

In this session Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, Dave Bermingham, will compare the three options in terms of price, performance and reliability. A configuration walk through of each option will also be demonstrated."

Preventing the worst with Zero Trust Data Management with Chris Lumnah

Chris Lumnah from Rubrik is our presenter this month!
This session is a thought leadership session to help the data professional think about the things they may not be now. We will look at three basic areas for mitigation: Proactive, Recovery, and Reactive. This session is designed to get the data professional think about their environment and how they ensure can recover when they need to recover.

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Andy Levy - Backup Basics with PowerShell and DBATools

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