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Building event-driven low-code serverless solutions using Azure Logic App

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that helps you schedule, automate, and orchestrate tasks, business processes, and workflows when you need to integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations. In this talk, We are going to look into ways to build event driven low code serverless solutions using azure logic apps to solve a problem statement. The session will focus on, building event-driven solutions using various actions and triggers offered by Azure Logic App.
From this session, participants will be able to build their own solution using various connectors, action and triggers offered by Azure Logic App after attending the session.

Speaker BIO- Ashirwad Satapathi is working as a Software Developer with a leading IT firm and has expertise in building scalable applications with .Net Core. He has a deep understanding of building full-stack applications using .Net and Azure Paas and Serverless offerings. He is an active blogger in the C# corner developer community. He has been awarded C# Corner Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - September 2020 for his contributions to the developer community.
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Create dynamic pages in Vue.js

Online event

One of the goals of any web framework is to dynamically update the dynamically based on data values. In this workshop, explore how to make your page dynamic based on those values and how to display lists of information and render content conditionally. You'll see how to add forms to a Vue.js page and respond to user events. You'll also see how to add computed values that can be calculated based on updates to the data. It is recommended that you have familiarity with HTML, CSS, Git, npm and JavaScript.

Speaker Details- Devendra Rawat, Engineering Group Manager, Engineering Group Manager.
Speaker Bio- Devendra has over 17 years of experience with various technologies which includes Microsoft Technology stack, Azure, AWS apart from few other open source technologies. He has played various roles of Developer, Solution Architect, Mentor, in various domains like manufacturing, banking, finance, CRM and education.

Episode 2: Integrating IoT devices into solutions

Online event

From "Embedded devices" to "Smart devices", then "Connected smart devices" and now known as IoT, the Internet of Things has evolved at an accelerated pace in the past couple decades and is now at the core of the digital transformation most industries are going through.

But let's state it as it is: IoT looks complex and developing solutions that integrate IoT seem to not for the faint of heart. While growing at an accelerated pace the IoT started spanning across many domains, verticals, and industries, forcing hardware engineers to learn about software, forcing embedded developers to learn about the Cloud and its development, forcing non-embedded developers to learn about device development, forcing Hardware and Software engineers to collaborate with electrical, mechanical, chemical engineers, data scientists, operators, and more. The traditional Operational Technology (aka OT) now needs to fully integrate with the Information Technology (IT)... without messing up with it!

Let's demystify IoT with a simpler and more digestible approach.

Episode 2: Integrating IoT devices into solutions
Saying IoT is now ubiquitous is like saying the sun is bright. And to state another obvious fact: IoT all starts with connecting devices to the Internet so that applications can harness the data they generate and can monitor and control them. But to get devices connected and integrated into solutions you need to learn about and understand a load of different protocols, standards, conventions for communication, data format, provisioning, management of devices, security... hold on! This sounds terribly complicated. Let's rewind, take a step back and try again: IoT all starts with connecting devices to the Internet, which at the end of the day is not rocket science. Let's look at ways you can connect devices and interact with them.

Speaker: Olivier Bloch, Principal PM, Microsoft
I am Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in the Azure IoT team, working on developer experience and communities engagement.
I have worked in the IoT space for as long as I can remember, first as an embedded developer and consultant, then as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft France then Microsoft Corp. I also spent 3 years in Microsoft Open Technologies, engaging with open source communities on topics going from Web and JavaScript to gaming and IoT

Something Old, Something New | Data Exposed Live

Online event

Tune into the Data Exposed Live where Anna Hoffman, Data & Applied Scientist on the Azure Data team at Microsoft, shares monthly Azure SQL news/updates, deep dives into topics with product experts, as well as hosts several monthly and bi-monthly series including:
“Something Old, Something New” with Buck Woody
"Azure SQL Security" with Jason M. Anderson
"Azure SQL Virtual Machines Reimagined" with David Pless
All this and more, every Wednesday at 9 AM PT right here on Data Exposed Live.

Hosted by: Anna Hoffman, Data and Applied Scientist, Microsoft
Anna Hoffman is a Data & Applied Scientist on the Azure Data team at Microsoft. Anna has a BS in Engineering and MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech. Anna has worked in Microsoft Research, AI Engineering, and Microsoft Services in her time at Microsoft, spending several years working to democratize AI via tools and services like Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and SQL Server (Machine Learning Services and Big Data Clusters). For the past few years, she is working on the Azure SQL product team and working to enable others with SQL. Anna is one of the authors of Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers, available from Apress Media. Anna is also the host of Data Exposed, available on YouTube. You can follow her on Twitter at @AnalyticAnna.

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