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Join a community of developers and startups at the Microsoft Reactor London and connect with people, skills, and technology to enhance your career or personal learning. Take advantage of free, in-person presentations, workshops, and local meetup events to engage with industry experts and a local tech community who shares your interests.

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Building Computer Vision Products with NVIDIA and Azure

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** Building AI Products with Nvidia and Azure ** // In this session we will use discover how developers can use the NVIDIA Metropolis SDK to build end-to-end Computer Vision products. We will start with some basics and important things to think about when building AI products using Computer Vision. Then we will move to training, building and deploying our model using the vision AI tools from NVIDIA and Azure.

Who Should Attend
Any developers and learners wanting to understand how build AI and Computer Vision Products.

What will I learn

  1. How to build AI Computer Vision Products
  2. How to work with the NVIDIA Metropolis SDK
  3. How to deploy your Computer Vision model using Azure

Start Learning Now/ Pre-requisites

Understanding some of the basics of the OpenAI services will be helpful but not required.

Modern Web Development

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The Microsoft Reactor is an opportunity for you to attend a regular tech event and meet like-minded developers, companies and startups who share your goals. Whether you're just starting out your coding career or have been in the business for several years, we're sure to have sessions that spark your interest. Learn a new skill, meet new peers, find career mentoring, or become a speaker yourself!


4:30PM: Doors Open
5:00PM - 5:45PM: Azure Developer Community Call "News & Hot Topics": Centering DIVs in new and exciting wrong ways with AI?, Chris Heilmann
5:50PM - 6:20PM: 99 Frameworks and I can’t choose 1, Yann Duval
6:35 PM - 7:05PM: Playwright can do this?, Stefan Judis
7:15 - 7:45PM: Fonts are Software (and icons too!), Tobias Kunisch

Session Descriptions:

Session 1:
Azure Developer Community Call "News & Hot Topics": Centering DIVs in new and exciting wrong ways with AI?

AI-powered pair programming tools like GitHub CoPilot, ChatGPT or Amazon Codewhisperer are all the rage. They make us more effective and are the future. But how do they hold up in the front-end world, where code is only part of the experience? Chris Heilmann, survivor of the browser wars of the last 25 years, shows how.

Session 2:
99 Frameworks and I can't choose 1

In this session we will compare popular web frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue and recommend which ones to start with based on certain factors. We'll introduce Single Page Application architectures and explore important libraries such as Bootstrap, react-query, and redux-toolkit. The session will also feature a live-coding demo. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, this is a great opportunity to gain insights into web frameworks and make informed decisions for your next project.

Session 3:
Playwright can do this?

Stefan has worked as Frontend dev for over a decade now, and always had a very bitter feeling about writing e2e tests. Test suites have always been slow, flaky and hard to work with. But with new testing tools things changed. Playwright provides stellar developer experience, while making it easy to write non-flaky tests. Let's have a look at Playwright's test runner and learn how it makes you ship features with a safety net.

Session 4:
Fonts are Software (and icons too!)

Did you know the term "uppercase" comes from the days of manual typesetting in the printing process, when individual letters made from metal were kept in small cases? Capital letters were stored in the upper case, while the lowercase letters were stored in the lower case. We’ve come a long way since each size and stylistic variation of a typeface required a different set of lead pieces. But even these days in digital typography we’re still accepting the same constraints, juggling different files for regular, bold or condensed versions of a typeface and living with the same stylistic boundaries. New type technologies like Variable Fonts and Color Fonts are changing this. These new font standards make it possible to think of type and icons as real software that can be manipulated programmatically and during runtime. And they open up whole new ways of typographic expression. Tobias Kunisch leads the design team for Google Fonts will provide an overview of how you can use new type standards in web design now and the things that will be possible soon.

Crack code interview problems in Python EP3

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Come watch ‘experts’ try (and possibly fail) to solve coding challenges in Python!

Interviews for coders often come with a coding challenge, using platforms like LeetCode or HackerRank. These challenges ask you to solve coding problems in a language of your choice, to show what algorithms and data structures you know, and highlight how you solve problems. Love them or hate them, being able to solve these kinds of challenges is becoming a part of interviewing for your next job.

In each episode of this series, Jim is joined by either Jay Miller or Sarah Kaiser, both Senior Python Advocates at Microsoft. Our intrepid experts will try their hand at a range of coding challenges in Python, the number 2 programming language according to the GitHub state of the Octoverse report. Jim is not the most experienced Python programmer, so will be learning a load of tips and techniques as he pairs with Jay and Sarah to solve these challenges.

As always, this will be an interactive live stream, so bring your Python questions, and be ready to join in and help our presenters if needed!

Join our Cloud Skills Challenge

Terraform in 60 minutes: Azure Deployment made easy

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This session is part of Microsoft MVP MEA Series, learn more and register for the events here: Microsoft MVP MEA Series

What is this session about?
This session is about introducing the use of Terraform, a tool for infrastructure as code, to deploy Azure resources. It is tailored for individuals with little to no development experience and is part of a series of sessions aimed at helping participants become proficient in using Terraform for their Azure deployments. The session will cover the basics of Terraform and provide hands-on experience in deploying Azure resources using the tool. This will enable the participant to gain a deeper understanding of how to use Terraform for their Azure deployments.

Who is it aimed at?
This session is aimed at individuals who have little to no development experience and are looking to learn how to use Terraform to deploy Azure resources. The session is designed to be accessible to anyone who is interested in learning about infrastructure as code and how it can be used to automate the deployment of Azure resources.

Why should members attend?

Members should attend this session because it will provide them with a comprehensive introduction to using Terraform for deploying Azure resources. Furthermore, this session will provide valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in a professional environment, helping members to improve their job performance and advance their careers.

Continue the learning journey: Build applications with Azure DevOps

Speaker: Mohammad Al Rousan

Mohammad is working as a senior cloud consultant for Azure Solutions based in the Netherlands. As an architect he is part of several teams, realizing new and innovative solutions, preferably using the Microsoft Cloud. He is a subject matter expert in Cloud Infrastructure Architecture helping customers scaling their use of Azure safely and securely, accelerating their adoption of the cloud, and driving the value of their investment in Azure while acting as a technical liaison between customers and product teams to help evolving the Azure platform. His passion is to share knowledge, with his colleagues, customers, and peers. Microsoft has recognized his efforts for the community by awarding him a Microsoft MVP award.

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The Go Show #4: Connect to Azure Cosmos DB with Go

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