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What we’re about

EclipseStore is a Java-native micro persistence layer that runs within your Java application or microservice. It enables you to store any object graph of any size and complexity persistently into any binary data storage. EclipseStore combines high-performance Java in-memory data processing with transaction-safety data persistence and cheap cloud data storage. Using traditional server databases becomes superfluous. The 3 major benefits are: ultra-fast in-memory data processing - up to 1000x faster queries, up to 98% cloud database cost savings, and simple implementation.
EclipseStore is an Eclipse project. The tiny open-source library is available on Maven Central. The source code under Eclipse Public License (EPL) is available on GitHub.

In this meetup, we run online sessions for everyone around the world to join. Meet other developers who are using EclipseStore, and join our growing international open-source community. Topics are very diverse and will range from EclipseStore specifics to architecture, data modeling, database migration, EclipseStore use cases, how EclipseStore integrates with other frameworks, how to use EclipseStore with other JVM languages and Android, as well as how to test, deploy and run EclipseStore apps. Feel free to propose other topics you're interested in. Speakers, if you have an interesting topic touching EclipseStore, feel free to submit a session proposal.

Learn more:
EclipseStore on GitHub:
MicroStream EclipseStore Cluster: