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MicroStream is an open-source Java-native object graph persistence for developing warp-speed pure Java in-memory database applications and microservices with Java and other JVM languages as well as developing mobile apps for Android.

In this meetup, we run online sessions for everyone around the world to join. Meet other developers who are using MicroStream, and join our growing international open-source community.

Topics are very diverse and will range from MicroStream specifics to architecture, data modeling, database migration, MicroStream use cases, how MicroStream integrates with other frameworks, how to use MicroStream with other JVM languages and Android, as well as how to test, deploy and run MicroStream apps. Feel free to propose other topics you're interested in.

Feel free to propose other topics you're interested in. Speakers, if you have an interesting topic touching MicroStream, feel free to submit a session proposal.

Learn more: https://www.microstream.one/

MicroStream on GitHub: https://github.com/microstream-one/microstream

Discussions: https://github.com/microstream-one/microstream/discussions

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Leveraging MicroStream In Your Micronaut Applications

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3hrs Workshop - Micro Persistence for Distributed Microservices

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MicroStream Getting Started on Android

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MicroStream for WeAreDevelopers

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