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What we’re about

Hello everyone and welcome to MIITTI!
In this group you will find regular events for culture, sports and language.
As part of MIITTI's objectives, ''cultural diversity, learn, read, cook, eat and enjoy together'', we have created this group to arrange a series of different meetups for the above purposes.

These are some of our current regular events/meetups through this group:
- Meditating Together & Nourishing the Peace Within (Mondays)
- Kielenvaihtokulma suomi/arabia (Wednesdays)
- Mindful Walks
- Volleyball
- Run to Sauna (Wednesdays)
Descriptions and details for every event will be available in the individual events, so follow the group to receive notifications when new events are posted and not miss out.

All our events are free of charge, and we kindly advise participants to reserve your spots well in advance as our events often fill up quickly!

You can reserve your spot through each event; note that some of them use links to Forms for signing up! If you have any questions about the events or something else, you are always welcome to by send us a message through our Facebook, Instagram or a text to one of our numbers:
Instagram: @miitti1
Phone no: 0405654582/040 5654609

Address: Lapinlahden Lähde, Lapinlahdentie 1, 00180 Helsinki
(Our main event space, Tallipääty, is in the yellow main building by our office, go through the main gate from the parking lot to the courtyard of Lapinlahden Lähde, the MIITTI office is through the first door on the left hand side.)
If you ever have problems finding any of our event places, please feel free to call above numbers.

MIITTI’s Principles for safer space:
MIITTI wants to nourish a safe and pleasant environment for everyone, where everyone can feel safe as themselves. By joining as a volunteer, employee or participant of the event or activity, you agree to follow the guidelines below!

I do not make assumptions about people based on their external characteristics or names. I treat all participants with respect, and I don’t use language or take actions that discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, religion, or any other characteristic. I respect pronouns and names. 

I respect others' personal space and boundaries, both physical and mental. I acknowledge that I cannot know someone else's boundaries without asking first. I ask before touching. I listen to others and adapt my behavior if someone indicates that my behavior makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Creating Safe Environment 
Everyone is responsible for contributing to a safe and respectful environment. If I witness harassment, I do my part to support those who experience inappropriate or offensive treatment. 

Zero Tolerance for Harassment  
Our space upholds a strict zero-tolerance policy towards any form of harassment. Harassment, whether verbal, physical, or online, will not be tolerated. 
If you experience or witness inappropriate behavior or harassment at our events, please report it to the MIITTI or Lapinlahden Lähde staff. 

Warm welcome!

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