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A group for JavaScript enthusiasts and those looking to learn JavaScript in the Milwaukee area. We meet monthly to talk about JavaScript and are open to anyone from beginners to those who have been using JavaScript for years. Also, be sure to join us in the #JavaScript channel on the Milwaukee developer Slack. Get an invite at http://mke-slack.herokuapp.com/

Meetup recordings can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRusqsREGWYn4EHZX4Tofqw

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Angular State Management - Reducing State Management Headaches with RXJS & NGXS

Ever lost track of where data is coming from in your Angular app? You believe value A was supposed to be this, but it was that? Which component changed the value? Wait, was it even in this module?! Come and learn how to manage your state effectively and reduce the number of headaches you have every week. We'll discuss different strategies for maintaining your state between components, services and everything in between. We'll keep a single source of truth so that you always know exactly what your state is and who or what touched it! --- Matthew Schladweiler is a Software Engineer Consultant currently employed at Centare. Specializing in all things JavaScript, Matthew works with developers and companies to help them find solutions to their architectural, development and implementation needs. With a decade of experience as a professional chess instructor, Matthew brings his passion of helping others and developing technical communities by speaking at conferences and meetups, as well as blogging and individual coaching. Follow Matthew on Twitter and all things online at @BlackbeardMatt. --- Thank you to our Sponsors! Thank you to MacGregor Partners (http://www.macgregorpartners.com/) for hosting us! Thank you to NVISIA (https://www.nvisia.com/) for providing food. --- Code of Conduct (http://www.meetup.com/milwaukeejs/pages/Code_of_Conduct/)


1433 N Water St

CODE + BREWS is an inclusive, informal, co-working session for Milwaukee's developer community. People of all skill levels are invited. The concept is simple, bring a laptop and ideas, we'll provide the coffee and tea (in the morning) or beer for future gatherings in the evenings. More details and registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/code-brews-mke-april-2019-tickets-58907907136 Here's how it works: 1. At 9:15 everyone introduces themselves and briefly describes what brought them to CODE + BREWS today (projects, homework, networking, etc). 2. For the rest of the day, folks work in the communal space on their projects providing one another help and conversation as needed. Oh and they usually drink coffee and tea too! Where is the event? Located right by the beautiful Milwaukee River, SPACES is a 40,000 square foot coworking facility. The modern design set in a historic building provides an innovative place with a unique aesthetic, will make for a great venue for our 2nd CODE + BREWS gathering. How often will we gather? Once a month to start. We'll start with the 2nd Saturday of every month but as interest grows we'lll look to have 2 events each month. Who can attend? If you want to code (anything) and are at any skill level CODE + BREWS is for you. We are an inclusive group, focused on sharing skills and building Milwaukee's developer community. Who is helping promote this event? We are not a meetup or user group so we have partnered with local groups to help us promote and build CODE + BREWS community. Those groups include Cream City Code, Girl Develop It Milwaukee, Greater Milwaukee Java Meetup, Milwaukee Azure, Milwaukee JS, Wisconsin .NET User Group. Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/code-brews-mke-april-2019-tickets-58907907136

A hike through hooks and suspense in React

MacGregor Partners

The React team threw us all for a loop with the release of hooks and suspense. It left many of us asking questions like are classes dead? Do I need to rewrite my application? Is Redux dead? How do I migrate? In this session, we will answer these questions and more as we dig further into hooks and suspense. We will open with a brief primer of what APIs are officially released so far. Then we will explore these APIs by digging into what makes them tick. Maybe find a gotcha or two. The goal is to show what patterns exist today, what is ready for production and which are not fully baked. Above all, you will be given context around how these features work in order to show how to use them effectively. By the end of this talk, we will answer the questions of where to go from here and should you be using hooks and suspense. --- Tony Gemoll is a Sr. Enterprise Architect with Northwestern Mutual where he specializes on web front end development. His wife says he went to college to become a professional geek. Along with his day job, Tony is very active in the Milwaukee developer community. --- Thank you to our Sponsors! Thank you to MacGregor Partners (http://www.macgregorpartners.com/) for hosting us! Thank you to NVISIA (https://www.nvisia.com/) for providing food. --- Code of Conduct (http://www.meetup.com/milwaukeejs/pages/Code_of_Conduct/)

Stateful UI Engineering with Finite State Machines

MacGregor Partners

The concept of finite state machines dates back to the 1930s. It is a pattern that enforces and enables the developer to consider the application flow in regards to state. It does this by limiting entities in an application to specific states that they can resolve into, making it impossible for unexpected behaviors that cannot be caught by unit tests. In this talk we will shorty go over building an application in React through the conventional patterns, show the possible flaws and security risk, and apply XState - A modern library for state machines and state charts. With XState, we can map out our application flow before getting detailed in our syntactic programming expressions. By the end of this talk we would learn how to use XState, how to build statecharts, and be more conscious about state flow in order to avoid unforeseen bugs like the recent Facetime bug. --- Joseph Rex is a creative technologist that designs and codes. After dabbling in networking and security for a few years, he moved to server-side software development, after which he transitioned into frontend engineering and design. His love for user interaction and interfaces makes it the right niche. Joseph loves making designs, animations, and building GUIs and he writes on his experiences at josephrex.me -- His website/blog/portfolio. He contributes to open source and has worked as an independent contractor for startups seeking investor funding and the others alike. He is however, looking for frontend engineering job openings at the moment. You can follow Joseph on twitter @josephrexme. --- Thank you to our Sponsors! Thank you to MacGregor Partners (http://www.macgregorpartners.com/) for hosting us! Thank you to NVISIA (https://www.nvisia.com/) for providing food. --- Code of Conduct (http://www.meetup.com/milwaukeejs/pages/Code_of_Conduct/)

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