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NodeSchool Workshop

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Dustin F. and Tony G.


This week we are going to learn the basics of node.js ( Instead of having someone talk for an hour, you are going write code and get hands on with node.js. has choose your own adventure style lessons. We will be doing the "Learn You The Node" lesson. This lesson will give the basics of node, async i/o, and http.

You will need a laptop with a recent version of node.js ( (0.10.xx, 0.10.26 preferred) and your favorite JS editor. It is important that node.js is installed before coming as we would like to spend as much time coding as possible. I will have the packages and docs needed to complete this lesson on USB thumb drive(s). However, if you wanted to follow the directions at to download the packages before hand it would speed up the event.

All levels of developers are encouraged to attend - even those that just want to start learning JavaScript. There will be people there to help you if you need it.


A big thanks once again goes out to Corvisa Services ( which will be hosting the meetup and providing us with Food and Drinks.
1610 N. Second Street, Suite 101 · Milwaukee, WI
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