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To Infinity and Beyond: Image Processing and Computer Vision

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Image processing algorithms have broad applications, from selfies to drones to space-based telescopes like Hubble and James Webb. We'll discuss image processing and computer vision - what those mean, what the difference is, and demonstrate how they are useful through the lens of astronomy, as well as more terrestrial applications. We will demonstrate a wide variety of techniques: object tracking, cloning, exposure stacking, video stabilization and many more. If you're interested in building applications with vision capabilities, or using them with your own images, come and find out how!


Ryan Fox is a software developer and consultant working with computer vision, image + video processing, and robotics. Ryan studied astronomy at the University of Wisconsin, and has worked on the James Webb Space Telescope and National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Ryan currently runs a drone business for processing aerial photos and video.


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229 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite #1200 · Milwaukee, WI
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