Reshaping The Testing Pyramid With Cypress

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The Testing Pyramid is an agile guideline for writing tests. At the base of the pyramid are unit tests: we should write many of those. In the middle are integration tests: we should write some of those. At the top of the pyramid are end-to-end tests: we should write a few of those, but they're so difficult to write, maintain, and run that we shouldn't write very many. Or at least...that's how it used to be.

Cypress is a JavaScript-based front-end testing tool that makes it easy to write end-to-end and integration tests. Self-proclaimed, Cypress is "fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser." It includes a powerful UI that gives you visibility into every detail of your tests.

In this session, we'll survey the features of Cypress and walk through many examples of tests. We'll then look at two different patterns for testing a web app with Cypress - and the advantages and disadvantages of each pattern. Finally, we'll look back at the Testing Pyramid and reassess its shape. Now that end-to-end testing is so much easier, should we turn it upside down?


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