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What we’re about

Come join us and experience the great benefits of meditation and walking together as you make new friends and get in great shape!

Mindful walking is the best of both worlds, an easy-to-do exercise, that's low on impact yet high on cardiovascular benefits, and a meditative pracitce—helping you reduce stress, become more focused and productive, feel better, and improve your over-all well-being.

Whether you're just getting moving, or an experienced fitness walker, learn how combining mindfulness and walking will help you get fitter faster, feel better, and soothe your soul. It's also an incredibly powerful healing technique—take it from me your instructor; using the tools you'll learn through mindful walking, I've come back from two near-death accidents and now sport twin titanium femurs and hips!

Learn how walking mindfully can help strength your cardiovascular system, is easier on your joints, and helps you feel better as you walk! Together through fun events we'll learn how to get in that elusive flow state—with every walk becoming a moving meditation. You'll discover how to quiet your mind, gain laser-like focus, improve concentration, productivity, and an over-all sense of well-being and joy through your walking practice. You'll also learn proper walking form, helping you become stronger, healthier, and more injury resistant. And if you've ever been injured, mindful walking will help you come back faster, with a more relaxed and rejuvenated body, mind and soul. Walking mindfully changes more than your health, it can change your life. Come join us, the founders of and the best-selling Random House authors of Barefoot Walking, for fun clinics, group meditations, and restorative walks!