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What we’re about

Urban Mindfulness Meditation Zurich offers a variety of educational and practical classes, workshops and courses designed to help you manage stress and to increase your health and well-being.
All courses are grounded in brain science, positive psychology and contemplative training and teach meditation in a secular, non-religious manner.

The purpose of this group is to create a warm, safe and trustful space where we learn, exchange ideas, meditate, reflect and explore life's questions. We are a fast growing community of people interested in cultivating happiness, peace and wisdom in our daily lives.
Urban Mindfulness Meditation Zurich is a community based project started in 2011 that aims to bring more awareness to the benefits of meditative practices for mental and physical health. 
Thank you for joining us! Looking forward to connect and interact with you in one of our classes or events!
Organizer: My name is Ela Amarie and I am a Psychologist and Mindfulness Counsultant, a Certified Meditation Teacher and an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Trainer, certified by the Swiss Mindfulness Association. 
I am the founder of Mindful Brain and I have been teaching mindfulness since 2011.
More about my work and other projects: 
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