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What we’re about

Weekly discussions based on short mind-bending podcasts we listen to in advance. Originally inspired by (but never officially connected with) Radio National's "All in the Mind" broadcast/podcast. There is now a loose connection with a radio station of strange, contemplative music and spoken word with the same name as this group.

Some topics are opportunities for us to waffle on in good company while others explore advances in psychology/psychaitry/neuroscence. Choose the week which suits your approach.

We are open to hypothesis and sharing how our experiences compare however for neuroscience topics there is respect for facts and science for the more technical topics. Bad science is fair game for criticism if it does not adhere to standards. While criticism is OK within the group, at the risk of triggering each other occasionally, a bellicose attitude is discouraged.

Having said that, often it is the way we discuss rather than what we discuss which is the attraction of this group. The process rather than the product.

This month "pirola" is the magic word which you will need to know to join our meetup group.