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Weekly discussions inspired by (but not officially connected to) Radio National's "All In The Mind" broadcast/podcast (http://www.abc.net.au/rn/allinthemind/)(usually with the option to read the transcripts rather than listen). Occasionally we choose a BBC or independent USAmerican radio show instead. This is done in advance but sometimes we watch a short video together instead.

We are open to hypothesis and sharing how our experiences compare however there is respect for facts and science. Bad science is fair game for criticism if it does not adhere to standards. While criticism is OK within the group, at the risk of triggering each other occasionally, a bellicose attitude is discouraged.

This month "Angelus" is the magic word which you will need to know to join our meetup group.

The following is from the RN website....

[A] foray into all things mental – a program about the mind, brain and behaviour. From dreaming to depression, addiction to artificial intelligence, consciousness to coma, psychoanalysis to psychopathy, free will to forgetting...

All in the Mind brings together unexpected voices, themes and ideas and engages with both leading thinkers and personal stories. Psychology and human behaviour are only part of the equation. The program's scope is considerably broader and explores themes in science, religion, health, philosophy, education, history and pop culture, with the mind as the key focus.

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