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What we’re about

History Trails, Murder Mysteries, Treasure Trails, Meals Out, Dancing & Having Fun!
Experience boundless exciting events with Mini Adventures & Trails for The Young at Heart! Our warm and friendly group invites individuals or couples seeking exhilarating escapades, historical adventures, meaningful connections, and a fascination for the landscapes and histories that grace our paths. Although most members are 40+, we extend a warm welcome to all adventure enthusiasts.

Prepare yourself for an extensive array of captivating activities. Engage your intellect in perplexing Murder Mystery History Trails, revel in wonderful walks that leave you awe-inspired, unleash your inner treasure hunter in our enthralling Treasure Trails, and partake in immersive tours of distinguished establishments and enterprises. But wait, there's more! Indulge in culinary delights with our carefully selected restaurant nights out, or embark on rejuvenating camping excursions.  Best of all, it’s free to join us!!

In the spirit of goodwill, we kindly request voluntary donations on some events to cover the costs associated with meetups, printouts, and related expenses. Any surplus generated from our endeavours will be dedicated to the noble cause of Mind, or other commendable charities aligned with our event's essence.

Seize the opportunity to join our friendly community. Together, we shall craft indelible memories that kindle the flames of joy and discovery. Embrace the thrill of exploration with Mini Adventures & Trails for The Young at Heart, where every moment promises excitement and lifelong connections.  Everyone welcome!

Gina x

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