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The purpose of this group is to share ideas about how to dramatically improve quality of life through simple living.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a mindset that encourages you to closely examine your ideas about what really adds value to your life. Many of us live each day investing our precious time, money, energy, and space in ways that give us very little in return. With minimalism, the idea is to become more conscious of the ways that we spend our limited resources so that we have enough left over to enjoy the things that truly matter most.

This group is for anyone who wants to liberate themselves from attachment to material possessions, to more fully appreciate the joys that already exist in their lives, and to build a solid foundation from which to pursue their greatest passions. In short, if enjoying the best version of your life is a priority for you, then this group is here to support your efforts.

To further connect with the other members of this community, please feel free to join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/minimalist.virginiabeach

For additional perspectives about the many benefits of the minimalist mindset, I also invite you to explore the following resources:






Community Leader, Minimalist.org Virginia Beach

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Online: Strategies for Simple Living

Online event

Round out your weekend with a totally casual, totally virtual discussion about strategies for simpler (and happier) living. New and longtime members welcome!

If you don't already have Zoom, you can install the appropriate version for your device here: https://zoom.us/download

Minimalist Brunch Social

Civil Libation Bistro

Join us for our bimonthly brunch social. This is a simple opportunity to just relax and casually break bread with fellow members of the minimalist community. All members, new and old, are welcome!


Finding Peace Through Minimalism

Judy's Sichuan Cuisine

Join us for a casual discussion about leveraging minimalism in order to amplify peace in life. Whatever the nature of your current challenge - be it physical, emotional, financial, or otherwise - we'll be exchanging ideas about how to eliminate your everyday stressors through simple living.

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Finding Peace Through Simple Living

Mazari Kebab & More

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