What we're about

This is not your typical “women in business” group. Why? Because personally, we're tired of networking events and empty women empowerment speeches. We offer only three things:

1. Free Quarterly Socials with a focus on just enjoying yourself.

2. Our “Business Behind-the-Scenes” Series

An intimate conversation with an established minority woman in business, in their place of business, on the nitty-gritty of how they started, where they are right now, details on how they got there, their failures and insecurities.

Why? To create real role models and provide a different narrative of what it means to be a business owner.

3. Member Spotlight: Events & Workshops

This is your opportunity to broadcast what you are doing in your business.

We have a two-strike policy for free events (translation: If you RSVP, but don’t show up to two free events, you will be removed from the group).

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