What we're about

A safe space for individuals who are curious, exploring, or transitioning into consensual/ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and anything in between. 

If you are ready for more fulfilling and meaningful relationships this is the space for you.

Experiential + interactive classes, workshops, and gatherings help you to re-imagine and re-define how you do relationships for more connection, trust, and alignment in life and love.

This is for cis, non-binary, trans, non-conforming, LGBTQ+ individuals and partners who are:

  • curious, exploring, or transitioning into consensual (ethical) non-monogamy polyamory, and/or non-traditional relationship structures.
  • desiring support within a community for challenges, fears, and questions in a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential environment. It can feel lonely and overwhelming to navigate through uncharted territory.
  • ready to co-create and engage in a safe space where you get to discover how you want to feel in your relationships and choose to relate in more meaningful ways.




We’re shifting into a new paradigm of how we live and love.
People are craving for more knowledge and are ready to be better equipped to make more conscious and authentic choices to live an empowered, limitless, and expansive life. This is where you can discover and re-define how you do love!


Old ways of doing things no longer seem to be working and structures/institutions that have defined how we live are slowly crumbling. If we are to forge a new way of living, we must forge a new way of loving. There can be no peace on earth if there is war in love.



RESPECT. We encourage connections to be made, but this is not a place for hooking up, match-making, swapping or romance. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this is not the space for it. With that said, if any behavior/communication lacks respect and/or makes others feel unsafe, intimidated, harassed, or bullied, you’ll be kindly removed from the group and not permitted back.

CONSENT. Do not directly contact any member of this group unless you have met them at one of the meetup gatherings and have a verbal consent for contact. If you feel you’ve been approached by someone who’s not respecting this request, please inform the admin leader. Understanding this and respecting our members is important for everyone to feel safe.

INTEGRITY. This is not a place where we condone cheating, betrayal, lying, or dishonesty. Ethical non-monogamy/consensual non-monogamy is for the mature and conscious individual who is serious and committed to speaking honestly and living authentically.

ACTIVE PARTICIPATION. If you have not visited the group in over 6 months, you will be automatically removed from the group. You’re welcome to re-join at any time. Your participation on-line or in person is greatly appreciated in our community and impacts the cohesiveness that’s necessary in order to create a safe space.

If you’ve read all the ground rules and agree to follow them, you’ll type in passcode: namaste (in your profile section).



Share. Listen. Connect. Explore...this will feel like part educational, workshop-y, and definitely FUN!


As of March 2021, we are hosting a hybrid of URL + IRL events.

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