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What we’re about

Do you love the outdoors, meeting new people, trying new things, learning, or pushing yourself past a comfort zone? This group will help you do just that. Don’t let that group name fool you. We are based in Missouri but, expect to travel to some new places. I don’t know about you but, there are many things on my bucket list. This is a group , a team, and essentially our own family. We will do survival trips, fishing, hiking, overnight kayaking, camping, family events, walks, card games, BBQs, whitewater rafting, obstacle courses, and whatever else our heart’s desire. These trips will range from single day to multiple days. Be ready to push yourself. You have a team standing behind you.

**Any inappropriate actions will get you removed from the group.

**Should you fail to answer member questions you will be denied access to this group.

**Profile picture of your face is required.


By signing up with this group and attending any meetup event, you AGREE that you are doing so at your own personal risk.  You AGREE that the site owner, organizer(s), host(s) or other leader will not be held liable for injuries or losses by you, or your friends/family/heirs.  This waiver applies to any guest a participant brings.  You FULLY ACCEPT responsibility for guests, children, and pets.   You acknowledge that hiking/walking on any type of path, in any location, has an inherent danger.  ATTEND EVENTS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  YOU AGREE TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INCIDENT OR INJURY THAT OCCURS BEFORE, DURING, or AFTER EVENTS.  YOU AGREE TO PERSONALLY MANAGE YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS AND ENDURANCE.