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What we’re about

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We’re excited about creating a future of human-centered smart products, and we believe the first step to doing this is to connect UX and Data Science/Machine Learning folks to get together and learn from each other.

We're a mix of data scientists, designers, machine learning scientists, PMs and more - exploring a human centered approach to machine learning. Come join us!

If you're interested in seeing our past talks, check out our YouTube channel (, follow us on Twitter @mluxmeetup, and Linkedin!


MLUX event are free to allow everyone access, no matter where they are in their career or industry. We have been super fortunate to have a fellowship from the Center for Technology, Society & Policy and the Algorithm Fairness and Opacity working Group at UC Berkeley and to help us fund logistics, and fantastic speakers and sponsors to support us! 

If you are interested in giving back and supporting us and helping enable us to invite other speakers who might not otherwise have access to speaking, please consider supporting us on Patreon!