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What we’re about

This Meetup is a list of presentations that our club offers at our Tuesday evening program.

Everyone is welcome — check us out to see presentations on fascinating adventures and outdoor techniques and gear. You will also meet some of our members, learn more about the club, and find out how you can participate! Socializing afterward at a nearby pub.
About the Club
Minnesota Rovers is an outdoor club emphasizing silent sports such as hiking, canoeing, climbing, bicycling, and skiing. Trip costs (day/weekend/extended) are shared and coordinated by members.
You can find out more on our website or by attending our weekly program/presentation. Here’s just a few highlights of our club:
• Low-cost trips and activities
• Any member can coordinate a trip (and is encouraged to do so!)
• Opportunities to try new things and learn new skills
• Weekly program/presentation
• $25/year $10/students
• Gear locker to borrow equipment
• One of the oldest, most active outing clubs in the Upper Midwest
• 500+ members
The best way to get involved and find out more:
• Attend a Tuesday evening program/presentation and social listed on this Meetup.
• Go on a trip! Non-members are welcome to check out the club by participating in any day trip. Membership (only $25/year or less!) is required for overnight trips. 
Check our website for more information and current activities

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