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This meetup exists for those individuals who desire to have a deeper connection with Jesus Christ and are tired of chasing the latest Christian fads. The world constantly distracts us from investing in our spiritual connection to Jesus so it is critical that Christians intentionally engage in spiritual disciplines in order to keep our relationship to God healthy and vibrant. Monasteries provide a system of accountability to their communities by praying the daily hours seven times each. Because this system is not congruent with the life of non-monastics, at the Reformation Archbishop Thomas Cranmer re-envisioned a communal and more accessible system of prayer by reducing the monastic offices from seven to two - morning and evening prayer. My hope is that this meetup group will help bring a sense of community to individuals desiring to enter into this traditional discipline by livestreaming the service of morning prayer every weekday morning at 7:15 am. Won't you join me?

There are two ways to participate: 1) join me online via youtube (see the schedule at http://www.costorrance.org/daily_offices/ ) or 2) for those of you who are covid tolerant, join me in person at Christ Our Savior Anglican Church in Old Town Torrance. We have plenty of space for social distancing, and it is usually just me (and my new bride!). Worship is better when two or three are gathered. Along with the links to the weekly services, the website above contains a video introduction to the service that we pray and downloadable material for following along.

About me:

My name is Father Kent, and I am a recently ordained Anglican priest living in Torrance, CA. I have a regular job too so I know what it means both to live in the world but also to be oriented toward heaven.

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