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This is an interactive meetup focused on exploring next generation frameworks, standards, tools, and techniques of the Modern Web.

Topics we cover range from JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, EmberJS, AngularJS, Angular2, VueJS, Vue, React Native, TC39, ES2015, ES6, ES7, ES2016, RxJS, Web Components, PolymerJS, Docker, Containers, Progressive Web Apps, and more.

You may visit http://thisdot.co or http://moderndotweb.com for podcasts, videos, and additional content.

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Angular World Tour

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We're back for another Angular World Tour!

Join us virtually on October 19th at 12pm PDT for Angular talks by…

Owen Mecham, Director of Engineering, Carvana
Enterprise Microfrontends & Module Federation

Are you tired of coordinating deployments with multiple teams? Would you like to be able to ship code at any time without disrupting your users? Would you like to be able to share solutions in multiple applications even if they don’t use Angular? Micro Frontends may be the solution you’re looking for.

A Micro Frontend architecture breaks your application into separate pieces that work together seamlessly. This allows you to update and deploy individual portions of your application independent of any other feature. This frees up your teams to completely operate free from unnecessary delays that occur when coordinating large scale deployments. You can also use Micro Frontends as a way to incrementally update legacy applications.

Martine Dowden, Award winning CTO, UX / UI designer & developer, author, and international speaker
Talk details coming soon!

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