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Accessibility, RxJS, Data Viz in Angular 2. Co-host: SouthBayJS

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This meetup is co-hosted with South Bay JavaScript ( and sponsored by Shape Security!

Title: Accessibility in the Platform

Abstract: My favorite part of my job is when I get to work on accessibility. I see this as removing uncertainty and anxiety from people’s day, and helping them access the information they need. But working with accessibility can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you’re fighting the platform instead of working with it. This session aims to clear up some of the confusion that makes getting started with accessibility tricky, while showing off new tools to make the process easier, and highlighting ways that we can work with and extend the platform so our apps are accessible to everyone.

Speaker: Rob Dodson, Google Developer Advocate

Title: High-performing data visualization with Angular 2

Abstract: Alex will be demonstrating how to create high-performing data visualizations with Angular 2. Examples include DOM based charts as well as Canvas and WebGL.

Speaker: Alex Castillo, Software Engineer, Netflix

Title: RxJS5 - Thinking Reactively

Abstract: Do you find yourself lost trying to choose the right operator to compose your observables? Do you struggle with how to structure your observable chains?
Do you feel like you're *almost* there, but you're just missing *something*? Don't worry, we've all been there, even the "experts". So let's get started down the path to being an Rx expert!

In this talk, I will discuss common patterns and practices you can use in RxJS with Angular 2, or any other framework, to make your life easier. I'll also go over some common gotchas and problems and how to get around them. Hopefully you'll leave this talk knowing how to "think reactively"

Speaker: Ben Lesh, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix