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HTML 5 : The Third Platform

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1616 Anderson Road · McLean, VA

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Third floor conference center

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With a seemingly endless diversity of new devices being announced from phones to ebook readers and more, it's becoming increasingly costly for developers to support these new devices, each with it's own tools and technologies. To gain mindshare and attract developers, more vendors are now supporting HTML5, sometimes called the "Third Platform", as a competitive advantage. This month we focus on the issues surrounding using HTML5 to build and deliver compelling mobile apps for the widest range of devices.

What kind of apps can be built? What tools and libraries are used? What are the stumbling blocks?


6pm - Free pizza, drinks (beer, wine, soda) and networking

7pm - Introduction & announcements

7:15 - Presentations

Presentation 1 by Andrew Glover, CTO of App47

Ubiquitous App development with PhoneGap

You’ve been tasked to build an app for your company that does x,y, and z. You’ve also been informed that it needs to work on iOS and Android. You think “no problem!” -- that’s what HTML 5 is for! But then you find out that the app needs native features like GPS and a camera. What are you to do?

PhoneGap is an innovative framework that allows you to build mobile apps in HTML 5 that have access to device features reserved for native apps. Simply put: with PhoneGap, you can build HTML 5 apps that can use device features like geolocation, accelerometer, and even a camera, for example.

In this session, you’ll learn how to build a web-based mobile app using HTML 5 and JavaScript that is able to live inside the PhoneGap container and take advantage of native features, such as GPS. You’ll see that with PhoneGap the same web app can then be deployed onto an iOS device and an Android one. One app. Multiple device platforms. Job done.

About Andy:

Andrew is the CTO of App47, where he gets to play with iOS, Android, Ruby, Rails, Heroku, AWS, MongoDB and everything else that is cool these days. He carries around an iPhone, iPad, and HTC Droid phone and in his free time hacks on Node.js.

Presentation 2 by Ryan McGeary Co-Founder of

HTML5 Application Caching

At BusyConf, we leverage offline application caching so that conference schedules are available to attendees even after congesting an internet connection. Caching can be difficult, and the HTML5 application cache can be a bit confusing to wrap your head around. This talk will explain how we can tell the browser to store resources locally and we will discuss how the browser decides to switch over to using local copies when a network connection is lost. "There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors." --Phil Karlton

About Ryan:

Ryan McGeary is a freelance software consultant, business starter, speaker, and amateur triathlete. Ryan is a partner and co-founder of, a conference organizing web application. Ryan is also the owner of McGeary Consulting Group,a software development and consulting firm in Northern Virginia. Ryan specializes in web application development and enjoys leveraging new tools and frameworks for his day to day development efforts.

8:15pm - Networking


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