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We welcome all Monero maximalists, users, developers, doers and noobs. We are looking for people that are working on projects/startups related to Monero and anyone that wants to learn more about these projects or help get them off the ground. We want to help build the Monero community. Members include Monero Talk founders and the Cakewallet App founder. Cake Wallet is the first open source IOS Monero wallet and Monero Talk is a YouTube show that discusses the technology & the future of Monero. Don't forget to subscribe here: bit.ly/2Cadx4D (https://t.co/7nJw28HwQE)

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Join Monero Talk at The Take Human Action Tour, April 1st!

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LIVE perked-up Monero Mornin' Chat on the isle MoneroTopia @ 11AM-EST!

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