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SO YOU WANT TO GET INTO THE MOVIE INDUSTRY! Join us Mon. April 30 @7pm FREE! Booze 'n' Schmooze Film Networking Event. FREE*! THIS IS A Raindance Montréal Filmmaking Network EVENT Raindance is an established network of filmmakers, writers and actors who mix, mingle meet and make movies. So you want to get into the Movie Industry! Join us Monday Night and meet some of the people who are involved in it for real. So if you want to be an Actor, Director, Editor, Production Assistant join us ALL BEGINNERS OR VETERANS OF THE BUSINESS ARE WELCOME. Starting at 7 pm Monday, April 30 Just drop by having a drink and chat Brutopia ( 1219 Crescent Street, Montréal, QC Hate networking? Get over yourself. Raindance Canada, in association with Indie Filmmaking Montreal, is pleased to announce that they will be hosting their Montreal filmmaker’s an actor’s networking shindig! Great Indie filmmakers with the next break out film come to our Schmooze. So join us and chat with the people who are movin’ and shakin’ in the Canadian film industry right now... And bring business cards. P.S Mondays at Brutopia just so happens to be HAPPY HOUR all day, so YAY! for those of us who enjoy a drink in hand when discussing film! *Note: The entrance & organizers fee for this event are FREE! Anything you eat or drink is your responsibly


1215 CRESCENT St , H3G 2B1 · Montreal

What we're about

This group will be for members who never want to pay full price for movies, theatre,or comedy clubs.

There will not be added website costs or organizer charges

Our mission will be to always try to get the best price to see an event possible and sometimes free!!

Hey there - be warned ! This group is for singles, couples, polygamists, people on a day pass, and anyone who wants to have fun and make new friends at comedy-related events. As like-minded comedy lovers we hit Montreal’s movie theatres and clubs for shows featuring local and international talent, as well comics just breaking in. Why, it could even be you!

Whether you’re a standup comic, writer or just like hanging out with people who will tickle your funny bone, you’ll get support/feedback and trade tips. Should-be writers and wannabe comics are welcome:-)

Montreal is well recognized as the ha-ha city of the world, so join us if you're a laffaholic who wants whoop it up around town and have a blast!!

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