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Twin Hearts Meditation- Downtown
Come join us to practice this guided meditation. No experience required, this is an easy though deep meditation. You don't need any specific clothes, everyday clothes are ok, no need of a mat we sit on a chair. The event usually finishes around 8:30pm We are grateful of any donation you can make to keep this meditation group going. Thanks, The Twin Hearts Montreal Meditation Group

460 Sainte-Catherine West, suite 908

460 Sainte-Catherine West, suite 908, H3B 1A7 · Montreal, QC

What we're about

This guided meditation uses principles of "Pranic Healing" to safely activate a person’s Heart and Crown Chakras to transmit tremendous amounts of healing energy to the Earth. The practice of this meditation also cleanses and energizes the aura and chakras allowing the practitioner to experiences peace, calmness and clarity of thought. Studies have shown that this meditation technique is helpful to reduce stress and even alleviate stress related disorders (Sleeplessness, Immune Deficiency, Anxiety/Depression and others). A universal meditation respectful of all religions and faiths, it is practiced around the world by people from all walks of life.

Cette méditation guidée utilise des principes de la « Guérison Pranique » en activant de façon sécuritaire les chakras du coeur et de la couronne afin de transmettre une grande quantité d'énergie de guérison à la Terre. Ceux et celles qui pratiquent cette méditation voient leur aura et leurs chakras nettoyés et énergisés et éprouvent une paix émotionnelle et une pensée plus claire. Les études mont rent que cette technique est utile pour réduire le stress et même pour calmer les troubles provoqués par le stress (manque de sommeil, trouble du système immunitaire, anxieté, dépression et autres). Cette méditation universelle est respectueuse de toutes les religions et croyances et est pratiquée à travers le monde entier par des personnes provenant de divers domaines.


1. Avoid heavy meals or alcohol prior to the meditation. It is advisable to avoid meat, specially pork prior to the meditation.

2. It is advisable to avoid cold drinks after the meditation (approximately 2 hours).

3. PRACTICE THE MEDITATION ON TWIN HEARTS IS SAFE, and have been practiced for more than 20 years all around the world, BUT CAUTION IS REQUIRED FOR:

A. Persons below 16 years old.
B. Patients with severe heart ailment, un-medicated hypertension, glaucoma, or kidney and liver problems.
C. Pregnant women.
D. Heavy smokers.
E. Heavy meat eaters (particularly pork).
F. Persons with excessive alcohol consumption or use of addictive and hallucinogenic drugs.

Please let us know if you have any of these.

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