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What we’re about

We are a friendly and sociable English conversation group doing classes in central London. We may also continue to do some classes online too as they have proved popular.

Non-native English speakers at intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels are welcome! :)

Monty English was started in 2007 by Jon Edwards and Christopher Lawson. We are sponsoring this group as Monty Meetups aim to improve your listening, speaking and fluency skills. You will learn new vocabulary, idioms and expressions.

Two / three different topics are chosen for each class. There is no limit to the class size but you will be put in small groups with everyone at a similar level. There is always a teacher and occasionally another native speaker on hand to help out with error correction and new vocabulary. 

Find more about us and our lessons: One-to-One, Mini-Group lessons, Online lessons by Skype or Zoom, Exam Preparation and Business English

by visiting

or contact Jon at 07771 561 576

Join us on Facebook Monty MeetUp Group too!

What the English conversation group IS:

• Great for you if you don't get much chance to practise your conversation skills.

• Taught by a CELTA-qualified teacher.

• A good opportunity to meet English native speakers who can help you with your language skills.

• This group is (for the moment) is for intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels.

What it's NOT:

• A language exchange evening where students swap language knowledge.

• Simply a chat with someone from a different country; it is a structured 1 hour class of English conversation.

• Only English conversation but it is a chance to socialise in an informal environment after the lesson and 'at the pub' online on a Tuesday evening.

• An English course with books, grammar exercises, etc.

• Boring and formal!


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