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What we’re about

Latin Americans growing interest in exploring innovative ventures through investment or business development brings to Israel waves of Latin delegations.

This group serves Latin American businesspeople, angel investors, funds, and entrepreneurs by united Israeli professionals in a variety of fields with a similar interest: Doing business with Latin Americans.

The group's focus is innovation composed by the following:

FinTech 18% MedTech 16% Consulting 14% CyberSecurity 11% AdTech 9% VC 5% AgroTech 4% CleanTech 4% HRTech 4% UrbanTech 4% EdTech 3% Logistics 3% ReTech 3% Marketplace 1% Travel Tech 1%

Who should join

If you are an entrepreneur or hi-tech startup and feel Latin America would be a perfect fit for your product, then this meetup is for you. You can expect to:

• Pitch your startup to international venture capital firms, business people, delegations, angels.

Meet guests from the Latin American startup ecosystem, including industry leaders, investors, and corporate innovation guests.

• Networking with peers, growing your network and connections in the region

About our sponsors

Moris Hasky Innovation and partners unite you to Latin Americans through venture capital or commercial relations. Moris Hasky Innovation is our event host and general manager and helps the group by securing speakers and forging partnerships. They welcome delegations organizers, exceptional service providers, and private equity firms to contact them: