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What we’re about

People of intermediate to advanced skill levels who enjoy playing volleyball and improving their fundamentals should join right up!  This Meetup group features opportunities for levels of play from  adult to intermediate and advanced level players looking to play competitive volleyball and become part of the local volleyball community.

We offer weeknight open gym play for players who consider themselves to be of intermediate or advanced skill.  We try to offer skills training opportunities throughout the summer months for beginners, intermediate, and even the most advanced players wanting to improve their knowledge of the game and fundamental skills.

There are some small costs associated with participation to cover costs of gym space, outdoor nets, volleyballs, and insurance and administrative costs associated with running any form of organization.  Please understand our need to cover once-per-year $25/player insurance costs to make certain everyone is protected under our liability policy, and our average $10/night or $25/tournament expenses essentially allow us to continue providing a quality and safe playing environment.

This summer, and hopefully many thereafter, we're looking to organize King/Queen of the court tournaments for players looking to get out of the house, get some exercise, have fun, and meet with others looking to do the same.  This format involves having everyone play with everyone else on their net as partners against various combinations of all the other players. It means lots of play with lots of different partners, and the opportunity to see how good of a teammate you can become!

This Meetup group is sponsored by the Morris County Volleyball Club (MCVC) and LYS Sports Academy.

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