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What we’re about

Come and join in our weekly gaming nights at Mosaic including board games, console gaming and RPGs.


The rotation of the weeks follows the pattern:

Week 1: Board games with Paul (Wed)
Week 2: RPGs with Jay (Wed)
Week 3: Console gaming with Rebeka (Wed)
Week 4: RPGs with Jay (Wed)
Rinse, repeat

To join the Mosaic gaming sessions first join Digital Lincoln’s Slack workspace via and join the #mosaic-gaming channel. Each week will be a (free) ticketed event.

For board game sessions we tend to play several that are kept at the ScholarPack office such as The Resistance, Coup, Hanabi, etc as well as some bigger/longer games and attendees are very welcome to bring their own. Game choice is often dictated on the eve by the number of people who turn up.

For RPGs, feel free to bring your own or come along to observe or join ad hoc games. In-house we play D&D 5e, currently closed to new players but other groups are welcome to use the space for their own adventuring campaigns.

Console gaming is likely to be in two parts: handheld/laptop single or multiplayer games at the tables and league gaming on consoles on the big screens. TBC.

Something for everyone!