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Hike in the Blue Hills - Mixed Trails
By signing up for this Hike you agree to the Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club release of Liability below. Please wear proper clothing, sturdy footwear, bring water and snacks. Requirements: Have a desire to be outdoors, be capable of walking 4 miles at a moderate pace. This hike will be considered to have "Moderate" difficulty. So, there will be some ascending and descending. Note: Everyone will stay together so we will only be as fast as our slowest walker. NOTE: Non-members are welcome as guests. However, non-members will be charged a $1 cash fee. • Park in the Houghton's Pond lot, and gather along path parallel to street at the "near" end of lot, near the pond and its playground. The purpose of Mosaic Outdoor Mountain CIub of Mass. is to provide the Jewish community with outdoor group experiences, to foster the development of outdoor knowledge and to provide a positive social environment for shoring those experiences. Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club (MOMC) Release of Liability: By signing below, I acknowledge that all activities sponsored or conducted by the Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club (MOMC) may be hazardous, and may result in loss, damage or death. With full knowledge of these dangers, I hereby agree for myself, all of my family and heirs, to release the MOMC and any of its chapters, groups, representatives or agents from liability, claims, demands or any causes of action, and not to sue or otherwise make any claims against the MOMC or any of it's chapters, groups, representatives or agents whatsoever which may arise during my participation in any activities of the MOMC. I intend this Release of Liability to be effective whether or not any loss, damage, injury or death results from negligence of the MOMC or any of its agents, leaders, instructors, guides, officers, directors or representatives. I understand that negligence means a failure to do an act which reasonable careful person would do, or the doing of an act which a reasonable careful person would not do, under the same or similar circumstances, to protect himself, herself or others from injury or death. I agree to be solely responsible for my own safety and to take every precaution to provide for my own safety and well-being while participating in activities of the MOMC. l agree to uphold and comply with the principles, purpose and bylaws of the Mosaic outdoor Mountain club, and l am age 21 or over.

Houghton's Pond Parking Lot

840 Hillside Street · Milton, MA

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