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At MotionLab we believe that innovation is more than ideation. It is a path from ideation to realization. Founded in 2017, today MotionLab is the biggest Prototyping-Space in Europe enabling you to generate and develop ideas, turn those ideas from concept to prototype and then into a profitable product.

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Create your own Facemask with the TextilLab-workshop at MotionLab.Berlin

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Note: To attend this online-workshop, you have to book it on the Berlin Tech Academy Website Following this link: https://berlin-tech-academy.de/produkt/textile-workshop-1/ Throughout this workshop you will be introduced into the different tools and machines of MotionLab.Berlins Textile Lab and into the process of creating an individual face mask as your first own design. Goals/Skills At the end of this workshop, you will be sufficient in using the machines of the Textile Lab on your own and know how to go about any sewing workshop. Please note: The lecturer will provide the project and materials we will create for all members of this course. Each participant will create his own facial mask using the tools and materials provided. Learn how to use: industrial sewing machine industrial steamer heat transfer press small trinkets of knowledge on how to go about a project involving textiles Method Within two to three hours of this workshop, we will step by step go through the different steps of the contruction process and demonstrate each step on the different machines. You will then have a chance to work hands-on with the machines designing and creating an individual face mask which you can keep for everyday use. According to the current COVID-19 restrictions we will keep the safety distance of 1.5m at any time. We assure you to be careful and have appropriate hygiene gear on at all times, now that the regulations have been loosened up. Feel free to wear a mask during the workshop. We will provide masks for everyone if requested. Further information about the hygienic measures at MotionLab.Berlin can be found in the hygieneplan (German).

Learn Adobe Illustrator with the "Adobe Illustrator Online-Workshop"

Note: To participate in this online-workshop please book it on our website following this link: https://berlin-tech-academy.de/produkt/adobe-illustrator-online-workshop/ This Adobe Illustrator online-workshop will give you insight on the first steps in graphic design. You will learn how to desgin 2D graphics and how to export them for further use with MotionLab.Berlins Laser Cutters. Goals/Skills Previous knowledge about graphic software is not neccessary. In the two hours of the Adobe Illustrator online-workshop you will be introduced to all the important tools and mechanics of Illustrator. At the end of the workshop you will have gone through making your own shapes, finished your first design project in Illustrator and are prepared to create your own illustrations. Media Hence this is an Adobe illustrator online-workshop it will be held as a zoom videocall. Together with up to three other participants you will learn virtually side by side. Using your webcam and microphone you will be in constant communication with the instructor and the other participants. In a balance between input given by the intructor and independent work the instructor will guide you through questions and occuring problems using screen sharing and remote controls. Requirements/Recommendations Requirements for the workshop: -Pre-installed Adobe Illustrator (free Download) use the 7- day free trial - offered by Adobe -Pre-installed Zoom Videocall (free Download) -Webcam -Microphone -Reliable internet-connection (free Speedtest) For a more comfortable workshop-experience a second screen is recommended.

Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 with the "Autodesk Fusion 360 Introduction Workshop"

Note: To participate in this workshop at MotionLab.Berlin please book a slot on our website following this link: https://berlin-tech-academy.de/produkt/fusion-360-workshop/ It starts with an idea...and first sketches on paper. That becomes a 3D-model in the computer. You send it to a 3D-printer or Laser-Cutter or CNC-Mill….and in the end, you hold your prototype in your hands! The start is easy! In Autodesk Fusion 360 Workshop you will learn how to create a CAD-model from your designs. Autodesk Fusion 360 is easy to learn and very powerful CAD program that has a CAM-module (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) already included. It runs on Windows- and Mac-Computers and is FOR FREE for makers and small startup companies! Goals/Skills You will learn the basics of parametric design with Autodesk Fusion 360. The Autodesk Fusion 360 workshop is aimed at CAD beginners, so no previous knowledge is required. But it is also for people who have some experience in other CAD programs and want to start using Fusion 360. This workshop is also the first part of the CAD-CAM-CNC process chain. If you want to learn more about CNC-milling, make sure to check out both the "Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM for CNC Machining" workshop as well as the "Introduction to 3-Axis CNC Machining" workshop after completing this workshop. Methods You learn best “hands-on”! Please bring your laptop with Fusion360 already installed and a normal mouse with a wheel. Download link to free software: Autodesk Fusion360. We show you simple exercises step by step how to create a model and in the end, we will cut a self-designed object on the laser-cutter.

Electronics Meetup


Welcome to the official MotionLab Electronics Meetup! We meet every week to geek out on all things electronic. All levels of skill and interest are welcome! We encourage you to bring your own project and work alongside us, or join one of our community creations. We will provide help and experience to beginners and the motivation of a community to everyone. Currently we are switching over to a monthly project based structure, where every member can vote on the next month's focus. If you have ideas feel free to bring them along. Or just vote for our next community idea. We also have a long-running project that people are welcome to add to: We built our very own Dalek robot! He's looking very sad at the moment, someone needs to fix his disco ball! Bring your own Laptop with your favourite IDE and EDA software, or just come by and ask what that even means :) We have members experienced in Eagle, KiCad, PlatformIO, gcc/++, and Arduino studio etc. And we can help with Win/OSX/Linux issues. As a group we can provide all the usual prototyping tools and equipment. To use the larger available machines (3D printer/laser cutter etc.) for your own projects, you need to pass one of our in-house training sessions and be an active MotionLab member. Looking forward to seeing you at MotionLab! P.s. You don't have to R.S.V.P but it does help us communicate with everyone.

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